Up On The Roof– A Goat’s Story

The beautiful Fjords of Norway are magnificent. As we travelled North from Stravenger, Norway, we cruised for three hours within the Hardanger Fjord meandering left and right. Clear deep channels were shadowed by snow capped mountain peaks.  Giant waterfalls cascaded off the mountains, each landscape was more breathtaking then the next. 

We docked early this morning at a sleepy  port village of 1,000 people called Eidfjord. From there we travelled on land to the Eidfjord Nature Center for another review of Nordic/ Norwegian nature at its best.

On our arrival we stopped at this lovely timber building that had a thick layer of dirt on its roof that was used to grow native grass– quite healthy.  Here is a picture of the house:Upon close inspection this sturdy building housed a cafe and a gift shop to the nature center.  As you can see it was not built into the hill.

We were surprised to meet 4 residents of the roof that had their own little enclosures– you can see the small white units on the photo above.

The 4 residents are in the photo belowThese guys try to eat down the roof to its shingles– big roof difficult  to do.  They were official ‘ baaa’ greeters when we walked into the building– when the place got a little busy they took shelter in their little goat houses. There life is spent ‘Up on the Roof —as peaceful as can be where no one can bother me’. I also believe the roof is self fertilizing– not sure if the roof is in perfect balance with the environment, but roof, grasses and goats all looked healthy

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  1. Kathy Terry says:

    Now that’s a unique sight!

    Maybe you can add that idea to you’re “homesites to live in” list and you would have built-in gardeners or grsss keepers!

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