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Robin and I were strolling in the Old Town section of Stockholm this afternoon — this is the quaint part of the city known for its classic architecture, fun shops, galleries, the Nobel Museum and on this day a group of young men self-described as climate change deniers.

We walked down the pedestrian cobblestone streets stopping in shops.  Near the end of our visit we saw a gathering of twenty people huddled in front of one store.   The leader was holding a cardboard sign with a familiar theme.  In bold letters it said “Make Sweden Great Again” on one side and on the back it said as the photograph captured “Climate Change is a Lie”

As many Sweds are –each man was  six foot tall or taller– they did not cause a disturbance but were noticeable, determined and slightly menacing in stature.  As I watched from twenty feet away they were engaged in heavy conversation.

The influence of Donald Trump has far reaching tentacles.  In the end I believe that there was a discussion going on– not hateful to my ear, not a shout down,  but a serious back and forth.

Personally, I believe in the science and in the the thousands of scientists who have proved beyond a reasonable doubt  (to me ) that our climate is changing as a result of man made interventions. 

On this lovely day, when I was struck by the great strides in science made by countless Nobel laureates whose accomplishments we studied at the museum in their honor just an hour earlier. It was disheartening to watch the engagement.

More photos of the Old Town follow– it was a lovely place despite the distraction.

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