The Hermitage 

We have been blessed to have visited some of the greatest museums in the world.  On our last day in St Petersburg we visited The Hermitage, previous known as the Winter Palace.

The Winter Palace has more than 1,000 rooms and famous works of art from nearly every period, style and design.

Italian artist such as DaVinci’s Madonna and Rembrandt’s Prodigal Son.  The French Impressionist Monet and Manet as well as works by Van Gogh are in a separate wing. The portrait of Anatolia Zarate by Spanish artist DeGoya was mystifyingly.

What was unique about the Hermitage was that not only were there paintings, sculptures and tapestries, but there were music boxes, china, furniture , clocks and the palace itself architecturally was a work of art. The following photo is the staircase of the main entry

2 thoughts on “The Hermitage 

  1. Kathy Terry says:

    You guys travel like we do, gotta see all the museums and churches! I still can’t believe we’ve never figured out how to get to one of these new places together. Looks fabulous!!

  2. chase says:

    Kathy, Your right, we need to figure it out. After all we do have time. Let get together this summer in Our RVs. Best, Jim

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