St Petersburg — happiness among the organized chaos

The past two days have been filled with stories from our older guides of life in St. Petersburg. Although we heard that the last two or three generations had quite a hard time in the 40s, 50’s and 60’s

 What we saw today was hard working people (half of one percent unemployment in St. Petersburg market), we saw polite, fun loving people who were enterprising and generally happy.  So much made up by media and politicians. Here are some images we captured:

Two young girls near the Naval Admiralty on the Neve river
Robin and Jim at St. Issac Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church.
This is the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
Great visit to Russia!! Jim

2 thoughts on “St Petersburg — happiness among the organized chaos

    • chase says:

      I am sure there were a multitude of places that had better food than what I ate. I do know that it is much better than pre 89. Still stay home if your foodie senses want to take you to Russia

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