Murdered Jews of Europe — A Memorial 

While in Berlin, Germany Jim and Robin Pisz stopped at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It was located adjacent to the American embassy and Tiergarden Park. (See photo)

The Memorial is large,  covers 19,000 sq meters and has 2,711 concrete steleas. The steleas are of different height and the ground underneath them pitches downward then up. When you enter it gives you feeling of uneasiness, you lose sight and there is a feeling of loss of control—- which was the designer’s (Peter Eisenman) intent. 

The makers of this Memorial wanted in someway for its users to feel some of the feelings that millions of Jews had when they were led away from their home during the early 1940’s by members of the Nazi regime.

Also at the complex is a Information/Exhibition Center containing moving testaments from victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

As with other Holocaust memorials that I have attended in Washington DC and in Los Angeles it is very somber. Up to 6.2 mm Jews were exterminated during the period 1933 to 1945. The photos and stories are wretched. You leave wondered how this could this have happened.