Inntel not for Intel

Arrived in Amsterdam after disembarking from the Viking Sky.  We travelled from Bergen, Norway through Oslo to Amsterdam– took a cab from the Airport. 

We arrived in the evening at the Inntel Hotel a place I am sure no one from Intel ever stayed. This Hotel is located on the Nieuwezijdskolk which is a pedestrian street in Amsterdam’s Central District it is about a half mile from the train station and less to the Red Light District.

We walked up to our room unpacked and went down to the bar for a drink. We met Joanna and Josh both 23 and totally in lust with one another. The were a totally sweet English couple.  Josh and I talked about the WWF and how he hated Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for selling out and how he loved the marriage proposal Jon Ciena made in the middle of a specific WWF match– Josh knew the number. They drank Blue Smurf cocktails and offered us a sip. After a while we went for a walk.

Amsterdam is the queen of diverse cities– its population in real -life human form is equivalent to the patrons of the Star Wars Bar.  As we walked the pedestrian street our hotel was on, we heard so many languages and saw the faces of so many cultures. Cuisines and smells were from everywhere people eating in cafe chairs outside hole in the wall eateries– shops offering Thai massage, psychedelics were next to a Dunkin Donuts– it was wonderfully bizarre.
To the left of our hotel entrance was a sidewalk cafe “Five Bells” run by Russians, next to that was an Indian restaurant featuring ‘Hot’ food.  On the right side of our hotel entrance was a club whose lined up patrons were dressed in formal gowns and tuxedos everyone wore a face masks.  Adjacent to that club was a gay bar– the men dressed  in a similar fashion –shirt, tie, shorts as if the were in an English boarding school. 

Inside Inntel was a comfortable little hotel with no luxuries but tons of character– I like it.

2 thoughts on “Inntel not for Intel

  1. Sounds like my kinda town!!! I’ve always worried that the Dutch were too dour to spend a lot of time with, but given your description, I need to give it more thought. I hope you make it to see some Dutch Masters while you are in town. They are so frickin’ amazing. xo

    • chase says:

      Hey M, Next post is about Van Gogh and Duks museums– VG was fantastic there were 200 original paintings ( including Sunflowers, self portrait and Almond Blossoms)and 400 drawings by Van Gogh — Duks filled with Rembrandt including Prodigal Son. Back to Ca tomorrow J

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