Impressions from the sunken ship Vaca — 2,000 bones

The Vaca sank in 1628 on her maiden voyage– she sunk in the cold waters of Stockholm bay. She remained there for 333 years and was recovered in 1961.

The Vaca’s recovery is 98% complete and the Vaca Museum curators monitor the health of the ship in every way. In its enormous resting place every aspect of the ship’s environment is considered. No ambient light shines on her, samples of her wooden hull are analyzed for chemical changes in composition on a consistent basis. The shape of the massive ship is measured constantly looking for structural weakness. The caretakers lovingly watch the ship as the treasure it is to the legacy of Sweden.

In the ships hull over 2,000 human bones were found, but only a handful of intact human skeletons.  Records show that nearly all of the crew and visitors were common people.  In 1628 there were little official records (other than the captain) of who sailed when the ship sunk on it’s maiden voyage.  So all of those lost souls still to this day are unidentifiable and unrecoverable tunlike the ship itself.  Who the many bones belong to are still a mystery probably never to be solved. — Jim

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