Haiku #3 & 4

From time to time Jim writes a Haiku to some of life’s little quirks. I am onboard the Viking Sky a brand new ship that has all the latest. I asked one of the ship’s officer who was Viking’s target audience — he told me 60 and above.

Now I’m no spring chicken– I actually meet the target demographics, but this ship if full of seniors ( beautiful and interesting people) that well exceed that target. If I had to guess, I’d say average age is over 70.

At last nights late dinner and end of night entertainment show the audience may have been reacting to a long day of touring versus the entertainment. These Haikus are dedicated to them inspired by Hannah.

Here it is– amateur hour:


Big Dinner Debates

Food Coma comes with Last Plate

Exhausted at Eight


Stage Show features Swing

Set The Alarm Clocks To Ring

Most Here Are Sleeping

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