Gdansk a beautiful port city and home to Polska Duma (Polish Pride)

Robin and Jim Pisz visited the Old Town of Gdansk, Poland today. The city itself was masterfully restored after being destroyed by bombing during World War II.

The Vistula river runs through the Old Town and were surprised to find Ocean going ships docked in town where the river is less than 100 meters wide.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Neptune’s statue and many beautiful buildings housing restaurants and shops along the main square were enjoyed as we wandered the streets of Gdansk.

Gdansk is also the home of Lech Walesa, he started the Solidarity Movement  at the Shipyard where he worked as an electrician. Later Lech Walesa became Poland’s first freely elected president and soon after won the Nobel Prize for Peace. Lech still resides in Gdansk with his seven children and is the source of intense Polish pride or Polska Duma.